No offence mate, do you know who you’re talking to?

“We’re all Croats here”, a Bosnian man tells me from behind the glare of a flare. Moments earlier one of his comrades swiped my phone down from the crowd. “Do not take pictures of ultras, they don’t like being identified”. The irony. This year, I travelled across the Balkans to Bosnia & Herzegovina. It’s an […]

Effective use of research in the creative process

Jo:  Have you always used research in the creative process?   JP:  To be honest, no. When I started out in creative, the research part was pretty basic.  We might have gone around the office or friends and family garnering opinions or put some concepts under peoples’ noses and asked them what they thought.  I’ve learned […]

Three – it’s the magic number

We often talk about the power of 3.    Never has it been more powerful than when considering behaviour change.    For social marketing projects we often use the COM-B behaviour change framework to plan and conduct research and to analysis and report insight.  For many behaviours is clear to see that the 3 key elements of […]

Best Plagiarism or adaptation of existing work

Winner – Best plagiarism or adaptation of existing work Mind Field wins at The Drum #ChipShopAwards 2023for ‘Best Plagiarism or Adaption of Existing Work’.   ‘I Still Cannot Be Silent’ adapting Leo Tolstoy’s most famous works as a series of Penguin Books to raise funds for Ukrainian charities. Watch along as Chris Sutcliffe sits […]

Digital Case Study: Kingsland Drinks

Digital Case Study: Kingsland Drinks The Problem Kingsland Drinks were looking for a digital agency to promote their wine brand, Campaneo and their ready to drink canned range, Mix Up. With increasing competition for listings in supermarkets, Kingsland Drinks needed to build its brands identity and profiles to begin with. The goal was to drive in store […]

8 Tips For Travel, Life and Work

Our Creative Account Manager Steffen returned from his annual leave, where he spent time travelling with a friend, visiting new places and exploring new cultures. What a trip it was! He’s come back with some great tips which you can use in pretty much all situations. Finally, a chance to get away from the dreaded […]

Creative Case Study – Celtic FC

Client: Celtic FC The SPFL Cinch Premiership season kicked of this week. It was fun seeing our recent work for Celtic FC’s 2022-23 season ticket renewals campaign on the front of the stadium reach a global audience on Sky Sports    The Problem: Celtic FC’s objective was full retention on season tickets for the 2022-23 season. Many […]

Creative Case Study: Evaroof

Client: Evaroof The Problem: Evaroof is a solid tile, conservatory roof, replacement system. But the replacement conservatory roof sector is blighted by copy-cat advertising and messaging. Product shot, library ‘muzak’ and “is your conservatory too hot in summer, too cold in winter?” message. All executed the same way by local firms to national brands. Evaroof is […]