The Need:

4TH ARQ is a successful Irish brand planning a UK expansion.   Their customers love their products, but what is their magic sauce? And how can it be used to brand build in the UK?

The MindField Thinking:

Going beyond research and into strategy we showed 4th ARQ how they can build a brand that stands the test of time in UK and Ireland. We used a mix of research methods to assess the athleisure consumer’s decision-making process, brand perceptions, usage and attitudes in Ireland. UK category shopper data helped to understand the new market.   Brand research for the UK is planned in late 2024.  

The Answer: 

4TH ARQ now understand their “magic sauce” (sorry we can’t tell you, it’s a secret), how it can be harnessed in the UK and white space opportunities.

4TH ARQ has strong brand equity in Ireland. It’s a “must-have”, earning its right to be the most-wanted by meeting functional and emotional consumer needs better than their competitors. This will be key to building their UK strategy.

The 4TH ARQ team now has a deeper understanding of their audience and a fresh perspective of where to focus their strategy in Ireland whilst spring-boarding ideas for the UK.

Nimah, Head of Brand at 4TH ARQ: “It was a great debrief, insightful findings that I know will strengthen our strategy for both markets moving forward. The brain was in overdrive!”