How do you buy  TV Advertising?

Remember those amazing TV ads from your childhood? Everyone does. Because no medium carries that potent combination of reach and emotional, brand recall as TV.

That’s why, to this day, TV  continues to claim the crown as the most effective advertising medium of all. TV advertising was once the domain of big brands with very deep pockets looking to reach the masses. 

You either had budgets to match them (and could understand the baffling jargon of TV Planners), or you got out of the way and let them dominate the market
Linear TV springs to mind when most people think of TV advertising – an advert, sandwiched between scheduled programming. But in recent times we’ve seen significant changes and opportunities with the arrival of on-demand platforms. e.g. BVOD (Broadcaster Video on Demand) like ITVX & My5. VOD (Video on Demand); streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV & Amazon Prime Video. Sky AdSmart, which allows you to target Sky & Virgin Media households based on smart targeting. All provide innovative, creative & affordable ways to benefit from TV.

The ability to target and reach more discrete and local audiences, with smaller advertising budgets has grown.  While TV is still good for the ‘big bang’ approach to mass audiences (although a bit more complicated to achieve), you can also target specific audiences by postcode area.

Planning and buying TV advertising can be hugely effective and, relatively affordable. It needn’t be as daunting as it once was. We do it week in, week out for clients with a range of objectives and budgets in a variety of sectors.

If you like the look of TV advertising, you know what to do…