The Problem:

Xsite had lost its draw as the place to go for ‘experiential’ days out in the west of Scotland.  It needed to be put back on the map as the leisure destination of choice. They wanted to establish themselves with a compelling offer for families, friends and couples to play, meet, eat, drink and shop. 

The MindField Thinking:

We implemented ethnographic observation with intercept interviews to observe, understand and interpret visitor behaviour. This clear read on current and emerging behaviours of Xsite customers gave us what we needed to take the next step – a usage and attitude predictor survey. 

The Answer:

Working with our videographers, we created and insight film, capturing footage and visitor soundbites.  We overlayed key insights from the research, creating a standalone short film that tells the story…forever. Providing Xsite with tangible customer data, that they can use to direct the future of the site.

Rosalind, Xsite – It helped me achieve the objectives and set the marketing strategy for the following year. The video service they also offer at the end of the research is very helpful for presenting at both director and agency level to really understand who our customer is.”