How do you buy  Print Advertising?

Has press and magazine advertising become a bit ‘old hat’?

If you’re looking for an agile, flexible, cost-effective way to extend the reach and frequency of your advertising, radio does a great job. 

In a digital world of ‘targeting’ and ‘data-driven marketing’, print advertising has fallen further down the list of options for most advertisers. As a result, Print’s share of total advertising spend has fallen with it.  

However, depending on your objectives and target audience, print advertising can still be a highly effective part of your media plan. It boasts a broad range of national, regional and local newspapers, and consumer/trade magazines to choose from. Print titles are often a more committed purchase for consumers (many via subscription). They enjoy a strong affinity and relationship with their readers. This creates an opportunity to put your message in front of a loyal, trusting audience of many legacy print titles. 

Rather than a fleeting ‘impact’, your advertising can have more time to linger and communicate more detail, often viewed multiple times.  With most press titles scoring highly for ‘trust’, it can rub off on your brand too. 

Almost all press and magazine titles can offer the best of traditional and modern media. Providing a mix of print and digital formats to extend the reach of your campaign message while throwing in a bit of that digital targeting trickery. 

Most publishers offer creative ways to develop more comprehensive ‘communications’. You can build bespoke editorial messages and platforms that tell more complex stories to an audience with more time to consume them.  

As part of any media plan, print advertising can add a unique dimension. But you must know how to unpick the data, understand the formats, use tactics that work best and integrate with complimentary media channels.  Thankfully, we do. 

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