The Problem:

Thompsons Solicitors Scotland faced the challenge of growing its core business in a declining and overcrowded Personal Injury compensation claims market. Assumptions were being made as to why leads were decreasing and the behaviours of potential clients, but we needed proof. The additional challenge was finding a single-minded proposition that could thread through their core personal injury service but also flexes across multiple specialist solicitor disciplines for both ATL and BTL delivery.

The MindField Thinking:

We saw an opportunity to grow the market by helping people overcome the barriers to claiming for PI and increase Thompsons’ market share by communicating what makes them different and better than the competition.  Our Research team ran workshops to uncover the emotional motivators and barriers of several target audiences and divided them into cohorts based on ‘mental and emotional availability’ across their recovery journey. The insights gained would enable us to flex the messaging and media delivery to meet the needs of different people at different recovery or resistance stages on the most appropriate platforms.  

The Answer:


Our creative drew on the insights that emotions change across the PI journey, that mental barriers to claim weaken with time and the right message-to-media mix was needed to increase brand salience. We encouraged people to tell us their stories. Whether you have no fight left, don’t want to keep reliving your accident, want a 1-2-1 relationship from start to finish, or a legal firm of specialists born through social conscience. Thompsons know that one thing you need, and how to get it. And more. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to draw a line. Talk to Thompsons. 

Our media delivery included

  • Targeted paid social & PPC for key focus regions
  • Consistent organic social across all platforms
  • Radio campaign on Bauer & CCUK stations to reach the largest Scottish audience for brand-building
  • TV campaign on STV – targeting all adults in Scotland for brand-building
  • Tactical OOH to launch new campaign style – focusing on general PI and road traffic accidents – with bus rears & rail D6s