The Need:

Glasgow’s OVO Hydro plays host to national and international music megastars as well as global entertainment and sporting events. With a maximum capacity of 14,300, OVO Hydro augments the SEC’s existing facilities and stages 140+ events annually. It is owned by SSE, but the main sponsor is OVO Energy.  As part of this contract, its essential that OVO can see the impact of their sponsorship.  SSE’s ability to demonstrate impact on the OVO brand strengthens the relationship and ensures the package can be updated each year to maximise ROI.  

The MindField Thinking:

SSE and OVO need to understand the whole customer journey experience and how each touch points in the journey impacts brand health.  We are in our 3rd year of impact evaluation with SSE and OVO with a package that includes in-venue surveys, observation, vox pops film capture, digital brochures and a film report.  

The Answer: 

We identified that the experience attendees received had a positive impact on brand health for OVO.  95% felt valued as a customer, 91% felt the rewards they received as a customer increased their loyalty to OVO and 82% stated that the rewards package is a key reason for using OVO for their energy.

We also uncovered some key sustainability impact insights for other sponsors such as AG Barr and Heineken.

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