The Problem:

Arnold Clark is Europe’s largest privately owned motor group. Where they lead, competitors tend to follow.  This has led to many instances of copy-cat advertising, branding and promotions diluting the effectiveness of their marketing.  Arnold Clark needed to find a way to bring consistency, impact and distinctiveness, to their advertising that couldn’t be easily replicated.

The MindField Thinking

As the world becomes more audio-enabled it is vital brands sound as good as they look. Research shows young adults are almost twice as likely to buy from a brand with a sonic identity than one without. Arnold Clark has always understood the importance of brand sound in marketing. We used this insight to make the sound of Arnold Clark’s marketing and communications as instantly recognisable as their iconic, yellow, car-window stickers .

The Answer:

THE SOUND OF ARNOLD CLARK: Sonic branding is a holistic approach to a brand’s use of sound across all consumer touchpoints, today and in the future. We partnered with our friends at Massive Music to create The Sound of Arnold Clark. Channeling that new car feeling into sonic logos, brand themes and more to create a distinctive sonic ecosystem. It can be heard on national radio, music streaming platforms, podcasts, TV and their high-profile sponsorships like ITV’s This Morning and Drama on 4.