Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown

Jo, our Research Director, muses about the similarities between nurturing a child and nurturing a brand.

We nurture the children we love, we get them ready for the world.  We want them to be accepted, to play an important part in their ‘ecosystem’, to be loved by a special group of people, to achieve loyalty from their nearest and dearest, and to succeed in a competitive environment.   

We study the child – what’s their personality, their skills, what makes them unique?  We think about what we need to equip them with to make them as successful in the world as they can be.   

But we also seek to understand the world they are entering into.  We pre-empt the barriers they might face and work out a strategy to help them overcome difficulties.  We teach them how to fit in and how to stand out at the same time.   

Of course, there are things we can’t pre-empt or control, but we never stop thinking about the child and their success – across the different aspects of their life.  We’re ready for a crisis or a need to refocus, as and when they need it.   

Even when we feel it’s time to let them fly, we keep a watchful eye.  We monitor them.  We help them adjust to a changing world, to stay successful. 

Mind Field cares about your brand in the same way and we will work with you at every stage to strengthen and grow your position long-term.   

Contact Jo to discuss your brand strategy and research needs.  

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