Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown

Three - it’s the magic number.

We often talk about the power of 3.   

Never has it been more powerful than when considering behaviour change.   

For social marketing projects we often use the COM-B behaviour change framework to plan and conduct research and to analysis and report insight.  For many behaviours is clear to see that the 3 key elements of COM-B need to be acknowledged and considered: 

C = Capability  

O = Opportunity  

M= Motivation  

The framework has helped us achieve success for many businesses and organisations including tackling dog obesity (yes it’s a human behaviour problem), increasing uptake of COVID vaccines among black and minority ethnic teenagers, increasing cervical cancer charity support and helping families make healthy choices when grocery shopping. 

Social marketing and behaviour change research has been championed by health and public sector organisations for many years, with a focus on positive behaviour change.     

At Mind Field we believe that businesses and brands can use COM-B for behaviour change too.    To move consumers in the right direction, you first need to understand the capabilities, opportunities and motivations that exist that make them behave the way they currently do.  Then we can develop strategies to remove barriers and encourage change. 

Interested in learning more about how we conduct social marketing and use behaviour change models?  Contact us for a chat.

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