Digital Case Study: Kingsland Drinks

The Problem

Kingsland Drinks were looking for a digital agency to promote their wine brand, Campaneo and their ready to drink canned range, Mix Up. With increasing competition for listings in supermarkets, Kingsland Drinks needed to build its brands identity and profiles to begin with.

The goal was to drive in store and online sales at both Co-Op and Tesco as well as build the brands image online.

We were given new branded photography, brand guidelines and a lot of creative freedom to do what we do best across their social channels.

The Mind Field Thinking

The two different brands have their own distinct identities – Mix Up is a ready to drink spirits brand and is aimed at Gen Z and Millennials who want an alcoholic premixed can on the go. Campaneo’s aim is to ‘elevate the everyday’ with their red wine brand, using grapes in their wine making from a lesser-known wine region, Campo de Borja.

Our goal was to encourage the target consumers to ‘elevate their weekday meals’, and to do this, we knew talking about the product features wouldn’t cut through; we had to show the product as an experience. And who doesn’t love the experience of good food and drink?

We had to show the product as an experience. And who doesn’t love the experience of good food and drink?

The Answer


We built both the brands online profiles from the ground up. For Mix Up, we created a microsite as somewhere to direct paid social traffic and to showcase more information on the brand.  

Additionally, a series of 4 Spotify playlists were created with the intention of ‘turning up summer’ and had a clear call to action to purchase from Co Op stores. By implementing clear paid and organic social campaigns, it was our goal to get the brand in front of their target demographics.


We positioned Campaneo as an affordable wine offering to an easy, mid-week meal. Supported by influencer activity from celebrity chef Miguel Barclay, his #DinnerHacks showing the customer how they can turn a boring midweek supper into a meal to be excited about.

The result? Growing sales and audience awareness of both brands, at a time when drinks delisting is at an all-time high.



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