Client Story: MixUp Cocktails

The Problem

Kingsland Drinks wanted to boost awareness and sales of their premium canned cocktail brand Mix Up. But with fierce competition for supermarket listings and shelf-space, they needed to cut through the clutter of famous brands fast to make people pick up MixUp rather than one of their more established competitors.

The MindField Thinking

There are loads of premium cocktails in a can and research showed they’re generally an impulse buy when on the move. So we decided to position the product as an experience to be shared with friends. Why buy 1 can when you can buy multiple flavours to share on your way to a day out or a big night in?

The Answer


Our creative played to the shared experience of MixUp whilst communicating their key pints of difference. Vegan friendly. Planet friendly. Pocket friendly. 

A series of Spotify playlists were created to accompany each flavour. The campaign was delivered across digital display and paid social with in-situ UGC for organic. The result? Growing sales and awareness at a time when drinks delisting is at an all-time high.



Digital Strategy

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