Case Study: Northamptonshire County Council

by admin | Last Updated: February 25, 2022

The Problem:

In March 2021, COVID-19 lockdown restrictions began to ease across the UK.

Northamptonshire County Council were concerned the enthusiasm of kids and teenagers to meet up with friends could increase the risk of spreading the virus to more vulnerable groups.

NCC wanted to communicate the importance of maintaining responsible behaviours and social distancing but staying connected to friends and family online.

The Mind Field Thinking:

Another stern, government style ‘tricolon’ announcement from a local authority wouldn’t cut through.

We decided to target contexts as well as target audiences.

Contextual factors are often more influential than personality in determining behaviour.

Research showed around 84% of under 18s in UK consider themselves ’gamers’.

We created a distinctive campaign that delivered a message they’ll remember in the context and platforms they relate to.

The Answer:


Our impactful concept mirrored a game release to draw and hold attention, driving people to THISISNOTAGAME.CO.UK website we created.

Our media plan delivered it on high dwell time platforms for gamers such as Twitch and YouTube.

We married this with OOH media and audio streaming platforms like Spotify alongside traditional broadcast Radio.

The campaign went on to win awards and high praise for Northamptonshire County Council in effectively reaching and communicating a vital message to a target audience that is notoriously difficult to reach.


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