The Problem:

All animals should live a pain-free life, but some are more prone to suffering than others.
Fashionable brachycephalic dogs (flat-faced pugs, French and English, bulldogs) can be born into a short life of suffering and chronic pain, all because of how they’ve been bred. Yet it’s these extreme physical traits that make them desirable and why people show them off on social media. RSPCA want to end extreme breeding through education and igniting the passion in dog lovers that this is not ok.

The MindField Thinking:

The RSPCA would have to overcome cognitive dissonance in presenting this message to the dog-loving public.  We mustn’t alienate owners of brachy breeds and turn them off the message. The focus was on reducing the demand to stop the breeders’ supply. Our research team would test the creative with the target audience to ensure it was impactful but communicated the correct message, tone and emotion.

The Answer:


Our headline paired with the RSPCA pledge encouraged animal lovers to sign up to help end the suffering. We added human medical breathing apparatus to the dogs to amplify their health problems. The media strategy launched the campaign with targeted social and digital display ads to coincide with Crufts 2024 when dog-lovers online searches would peak, and the issue would be in the news and TV talk shows for extreme bred brachycephalic dogs winning awards at the show.

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