Recruiting for Volvo  – Well Made in Motherwell

The Problem

The demand for skilled trades and manufacturing roles continues to rise. As a result, we’ve been working with Volvo Construction Equipment to help them attract new talent. Their need was outstripping the available supply via tried and trusted methods. So, they turned to Mind Field Advertising to help fill 100 vacancies in their Motherwell manufacturing plant.

How would we find and attract Welders, Platers, Painters, Electricians, Fitters and Assemblers?

The Mind Field Thinking

First thing we did was stop defining them by their job titles. They’re people, like you and I. 

That means they’re social animals and respond to emotional benefits, like you and I.

We put our extensive experience in successful recruitment campaigns to use. Implementing tried and tested approaches, we profiled and targeted the right people via their social behaviours, habits, and other interests.

Then executed our single-minded creative across various social channels and some good old fashioned targeted radio.

The Solution

Our ‘Well Made in Motherwell, Well Paid in Motherwell’ campaign did the trick. Presenting the opportunity to work for a global brand, with an industry-leading salary, right on your doorstep. The result? New awareness, new applicants, an expanded candidate database and roles filled. More trucks built and orders met. Well Made, indeed!

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