Military Preparation College Training – Recruiting young people to prepare life….for them!

Military Preparation College Training – Recruiting young people to prepare life….for them!

The Problem

An unexpected consequence of COVID-19 was more school-leavers became eligible for College or University. This was due to the impact lockdown had on the wider education system leading to higher pass rates. Add that to a tightening recruitment market, a change in referrals from the armed forces, and MPCT had a big problem attracting new recruits to their funded courses. 

MPCT were looking for 16-19yr olds interested in a career with the armed forces. Young adults with the right attitude, commitment, and aspirations but in need of a little help to kick-start their career.


The Mind Field Thinking

Mind Field Advertising proposed a research-led approach. Our goal was to identify the key influences, target profiles and other critical factors affecting their target group across England and Wales.

The Answer

We used insight from that research to unlock their emotional motivation. Creative that injected the inspirational, transformational autonomy needed to resonate with potential recruits. This isn’t about preparing you for the big, bad world. MPCT give you the skills to kick the big, bad world’s butt. They’re ‘Preparing life, for what You’ll throw at it.

From there, we developed new creative messaging and a range of solutions. Better segmenting that audience (and their influencers) with targeted advertising.  Driving awareness and direct response to MPCT for enrolment on courses now, and in the future. And all this at the speed of an RAF fighter jet. Mind Field began work the week before Christmas. We completed Research, devised Creative and signed off with campaigns built and active by the 3rd week in January. Running across various digital channels including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch and streaming audio. Site traffic, brochure downloads, direct enquiries, and enrolment were all well up on the previous year. Another happy client!  MPCT confirmed we delivered a research-led solution that was “extremely focused, efficient, and better-informed manner than ever before”. That’s what we call ‘preparing’ for success.





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